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Combining complete 'Will Writing & Legal Services' including Divorce Settlements and Inheritance Tax Solutions,

For Sutton, Kingston Upon Thames areas and throughout Surrey.

At "Kingswood Legal" we have carefully listened to your concerns and issues.

With over 35 years of experience as Estate Practitioners, we are specialists
in "Professional Will Writing for the preservation of your hard earned assets",  
By applying a combination of " Legal, Tax and Financial Strategies"
we are able to assist you with:
  •  Inheritance Tax liabilities, help to reduce your potential debt.  
  • Divorce Settlements, solutions to stop your children loosing assets following a divorce.
  • Your assets being eroded to fund the cost of your long term care.
  • Your assets going to someone other then your intended beneficiaries upon death.
  • Your children or grandchildren not receiving their inheritance because the surviving spouse remarries and changes their Will. 
  • Your personal assets can be protected from creditors.
  • Probate matters, carefully and professionally resolved to conclusion.
  • Business Property Relief (BPR) solutions for business owners to avoid assets entering personal estate.   
  • Deed of Variation's undertaken where assets/property entitled  to the beneficiary can be redirected.  
With any of the eventualities above, not only could your assets be lost,.........
.......but the same could apply to the future beneficiaries of your estate.
At "Kingswood Legal Partnership"....
"we shall be pleased to recommended our selected business partners which include a S.T.E.P.  Practitioner and Articled Solicitor who will be pleased to guide you though any potential complex pitfalls which can erode your estate",
The strategies are,.......
"bespokeuncomplicated, effective and proven".
Our comprehensive knowledge and understanding on all aspect's of  Wills and Estate Planning  will ensure we can personally tailor the best plan to protect and preserve your assets from these and other associated risks.  
Our recommendations, are carefully drafted to complement your wishes and objectives, to ensure whatever your future
holds, they can remain adaptable to meet your needs. 
For more information on our Professional Will Writing, Divorce Settlements, Inheritance Tax and other legal areas noted on our pages, please call for an initial discussion to see where we can help................................ 0845 371 1890.
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